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Letter D Hentai Series added on the Hentai List

Hello my dear friends today a fast update on the work on this site, We finally started to add videos on the Hentai list in a  fast pace and we already added the letter D soon we will start to add more out goal is to add everything on the Hentai list in the next […]

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Hentai List Letter C

Hello our dear visitors, Here is a quick update. We added the following Hentai series on our Hentai List and you are able to watch them right now. Cafe Junkie Cambrian Campus Canvas: Sepia-iro no Motif Cartagra: Tsukigurui no Yamai Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen Cele Kano Charm Point 1: Sisters Rondo Chibo Chicchana Onaka Chichi-iro […]


Hentai List Letter B Updated

Hello everyone just some quick updates. We updated and embeded videos of all the hentai videos under the letter B and from now on you are able to watch the following Hentai videos: Babuka Gokudou no Tsuma Bad End Baka na Imouto o Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no XX Dake na Ken ni […]

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Letter A Hentai Videos Updated on Hentai Lists

Hello our dear visitors here is a quick update we added a lot of Hentai content on our Hentai List page and the Letter A from now on contains the following Hentai Videos: A Size Classmate Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki Advancer Tina After… The Animation Ai Doll Ai no Katachi: Ecchi na Onna no ko […]

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Welcome to Hentai Pic Rule | Home of Hentai and everything sweet

Welcome to Hentaipicrule.com

As the Administrator of this site first off all I took a breakwant to welcome you to this site. We had some troubles whit the site so we needed to reinstall everything and start from scratch.

So I took a break for a couple of weeks and decided that the look or the design of the site ins’t important but the way content is organized and posted on the site. Read more about Welcome to Hentai Pic Rule | Home of Hentai and everything sweet