Our Sites

This site is just a part of what we are doing and bellow are some of our other sites feel free to visit them and enjoy the content on them.

CNET.PW – This is our main site and everything we do. Also on this site we share some tips, tricks, tools and much more. CNET is shorter for Custos NETWORKS and it’s our little blog for all kind of things.

xHentai.Club – The main Hentai site for now. There you can get a lot of quality Hentai content.

Hentaipicrules.blogspot.com –  Our blogspot Hentai spot. We created this because if something went wrong whit HentaiPicrule.com and xhentai.club we want to have a backup place for you so you can still continue to enjoy Hentai content while we fix the problems on the main sites.

AMTube.club – Also one of our sites focused on Amauter porn videos and pictures our youngest site.

Custos.xyz – Blog created by the owner of all this sites and our leader of the team. He always wanted a site and now when he created one he doesn’t have much time for it.

This are our main sites you can check them out bookmark those you like and visit them when you want and can to check  out the content we share.

Because we are a group of friends who like to create blogger sites bellow is a list of all our blogger sites and there are a lot feel free to visit some of them and check out our sites.