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Thank you for visiting our site that is the best way you are support us. We are glad that you have visited our Support site. We are not looking for donations. Bellow you can find all the ways you can support our little site.


We are a newly formed site and budget is a taboo topic for us but we don’t plan on asking for donation. We know that a lot of sites are accepting donations and similar stuff but we don’t want something like if you want to give us some money we will give you a spot on our site or something else in return.

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We already mentioned above that we don’t want any donations for this site. But if you want to give us some money we will return that favor by giving you a spot on Our friends page. The minimum amount to send is 5 $ and we will add your site on our friend list.

Our PayPal is friends@hentaipicrule.comĀ after the transfer we will contact you in 24 hours for details sites link and other information.

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Like many other sites we plan to live from ads, and one of the ways you can support us is to click on the shortened links bellow so we can also earn something, also behind every link there is something for you Image gallery a song and similar stuff because we always give something in return.


The links are changed every week because some of you will click more than once.

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We know you don’t like PopAds and other ads on sites but whit out those ads most of the sites you use and love wouldn’t be online today. So we ask you to turn off AdBlock on our site and also if you like an ad please click on so we can earn something as well and keep this site a long time alive.