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Classmate no Okaa-san Episode 2

Classmate no Okaa-san EPISODE 2 – UNCENSORED My Classmate’s Mother , クラスメイトのお母さん Description: * Based on the game by Guilty+. Jun is a lovesick student at Seikyo School. One of his classmate’s, Sae, has the hots for him. But Jun has a taste for the forbidden, ripened fruit of Sae’s mother Keiko, who also happens to […]

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Chu Shite Agechau: Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou Episode 2

Chu Shite Agechau: Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou EPISODE 2 – CENSORED Chu(治癒)してあげちゃう ~押しかけお姉さんの性交恥療~ Description: * Based on the erotic game by Syrup: Honey Sweet. Akira Segawa is a “normal” high school student. One day he is caught masturbating by his older sister, Yuu Segawa, she then proceeds helping him to relieve his needs. Later that […]

Choukou Sennin Haruka episode 3 screenshot 3
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Choukou Sennin Haruka Episode 3

Choukou Sennin Haruka EPISODE 3 – UNCENSORED Beat Blades Haruka , 超昂閃忍ハルカ Description: * Based on the game by Alice Soft. Takamaru is a student at the Ten Treasure Academy, living an ordinary school life, seeking romances which are constantly interfered by Shihoudou Narika (the daughter of his apartment manager). One day, he fell in love […]

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Chichi-iro Toiki Episode 2

Chichi-iro Toiki EPISODE 2 – CENSORED 乳色吐息 Description: * Based on the erotic manga by Goban. Takashi’s two female childhood friends, Mika and Saya, may not see him as a real man, but just being around them has been provoking him more and more. Following yet another failed proposal on his part, Saya feels bad for […]

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Chibo Episode 2

Chibo EPISODE 2 – UNCENSORED Mother Knows Breast , 痴母 Description: Takeshi’s mother, Shino, and sister, Shinobu, are not blood-related to Takeshi. Although Shinobu attaches herself to Takeshi, she seems to refuse her mother. Except for that, they are peaceful family at first glance. However, there’s a secret in this family. Takeshi is taken into Shino’s […]